Return and refund Policy

  • For information about products that can’t be returned, see Items that Can’t be Returned.
  • To determine if a product sold by has a longer return timeline, locate the product type below. If the product type isn’t listed or doesn’t state another returns time frame, our standard 30-day return policy applies.
  • For products purchased from the dermal filler Store, see dermal filler Global Store Returns.
  • For more information on refund timing and amounts (including partial refunds and restocking fees), email us
  • If you have returned an item to dermal fillers by mistake or included something not intended for store in a return, email us Returns.
  • If you have already received a refund and are expected to return the item, you can create a return request. For more information about how to create a returns request see Return Items You Ordered. You will be charged if an item that is expected to be returned is not sent back to us.

  • If the item has already been sent back to us and you have received an email asking you return it or have been charged for item, we will reverse the charge as soon as the return is processed by us. It might take additional time for your financial institution to make funds available in your account.
Items that You Can’t Return